On the road

In the middle of North Carolina, we’re bound for Fort Meyers. I’m more ready for Spring Training than I was last year, so my attitude is excellent.

Through Melissa’s diligent efforts, we’re three weeks into Weight Watchers and I’m down 10 pounds. Last year, I was 215 at the start of camp. This year, I’m 207 (hoping to drop 2 more by Monday), so I may be a step faster. At the least, my legs won’t be carrying so much and I might not have lead in my legs on Thursday.

Chandler Fox and I have be at the cage three times in the last few weeks. It’s made a big difference again.

Since we’re going to have 10 or 11 on a team, I expect to have to pitch a few innings again. A big part of our sessions has been throwing in the pitching lane. I’m a lot better than last year. There is apparently some curve on my curveball and my fastball is far more accurate.

At the beginning of the month, I cold hardly make contact in the fast (85mph) cage. On Tuesday, I was hitting with authority. Line drives were exploding off my bat. Since no one down there throws 85, I’ll have plenty of time to adjust. I’d love some extra base hits.

With the confidence that no one can blow past me, I’ll be using some tips from CoachUp http://www.coachup.com/articles/hitting-tips-the-spin-of-the-ball

I’ll let you know if I can pick up the spin with these old eyes.

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